Second hand

second-hand SUP market

Among the new features of this edition of the GlaGla Race, we are setting up a second-hand paddle market to allow those who want to sell their used stand-up paddle. The details of this operation will be posted soon on the GlaGla Race website. (same here)


Solidarity ride

Ingrid Ulrich has already been to the GlaGla Race and several other stages of the Alpine Lakes Tour Let’s paddle with Ingrid to prevent breast cancer Ingrid has been fighting for 3 years against breast cancer. She created the association Beyond the Ocean to promote personal development through sport by encouraging people who are sick […]



We asked a child care company to take care of the kids of the GlaGla Race participants ! The idea is to allow families to come and the parents to participate in the races! The cost is 9 € / child and per hour. That is 36 € for a guard from 8:30am to 12:30am. […]


Wim Hof workshop

Based on the work of breathing and on the ability to concentrate : it activates the 3 planes of the human being: the physical, the mental, the spiritual. 3h workshop with an immersion in the small lake basin for a few minutes. Security is assured. Number of places limited to 35 people. Registration 90 € […]


The history of the GlaGla Race

The adventure began in 2013 with the first season of the Alpine Lakes Tour. In January 2014 at the start of the NCY SUP, 40 competitors competed on the first GlaGla Race!