Safety requirements

The GlaGla Race 2024 may occur on a very cold day (-10°c early in the morning in 2018). You have to wear a life jacket, a Long John wetsuit (or a drysuit), warm neoprene surf boots.

You also need a leash and a life blancket, water + anything sweet (sugar, candy bar, etc.)

if you need you can buy a drysuit, or warm surfboots on (10% discount with the code “glaglarace”). Your order will be delivered at the GlaGla Race boutique.

The lake temperature is usually at  4 to 6°C.

You have to report a competitor in difficulty to safety boats and give him assistance if needed.

If you abandon and return on your own, you must report this when you return to the race headquarters.


The conditions for organizing the GlaGla Race depend on the administrative authorities managing navigation on Lake Annecy.

We insist here on certain important points to be respected so that the race can take place in good conditions, in particular because of the low temperatures expected.

Mandatory documents to participate in the race

Each participant must have their Weezevent ticket (that Weezevent our provider of the registration tool sent you) in printed form or visible on the screen of their mobile phone. (for tandems, OC2, V2, Dragon, V6, etc, each competitor must be registered separately). Each competitor must also have a valid identity document to show.

We recommand to register for the long distance only if you are in good health, well trained. The medical certificate is no longer compulsory except for minors.

If you are not licensed in France, and wish to be, you can take one at the Lac Annecy Paddle Club.

For minors, parental authorization is required (printed and signed) with the mention “I, the undersigned, [Last name, First name]………….., father mother, guardian [cross out the useless mentions], authorizes the child [Last name, First name]………….. to participate in ……………… Date and signature »

The bib (which you must wear to participate) is lent (therefore free of charge), you must leave us a deposit of 20€ (1 ticket of 20€). If you keep it, you can reuse it on another race of the Alpine Lakes Tour and or a next GlaGla Race. You will then have a discount of 2€ at each race or you present it. If you give it back, we will give you back 1 ticket of 20€.

Compulsory Equipment
For the GlaGla Race, the mandatory equipment:

  • The leash is mandatory
  • A Long John type wetsuit (or dry suit, fully adapted to the conditions)
  • an approved buoyancy aid (50N CE)
  • neoprene surfing boots,
  • a survival blanket
  • water
  • dose of sugar (sugar, energy bar, etc.)

It is also compulsory to report a fall of a nearby competitor and to assist him while waiting for help to arrive.

We have some life jackets (50N) for rent, survival blankets (5€)

The water temperature of Lake Annecy is currently 7°C.

HOT SPOTS in Talloires and Sevrier (NCY SUP Center)

We have 2 heated places where you can rest or stay waiting for medical assistance one in Talloires on the beach and one 6,5 km from the starting line (middle of the course) at the NCY SUP Center.