Safety requirements

The GlaGla Race may occur on a very cold day (-10°c early in the morning in 2018). You have to wear a life jacket, a Long John wetsuit (or a drysuit, SUPSKIN type).

You also need a leash and a life blancket + anything sweet (sugar, candy bar, etc.)

The lake temperature is usually at  4 to 6°C.

You have to report a competitor in difficulty to safety boats and give him assistance if needed.

Required documents.

You have to print your ticket (that Weezevent our provider of the registration tool sent you) and show it at the welcome desk. You also need your passport or an ID that we keep and give back when you return your bib.


To participate in the GlaGla Race you need the health pass. Mandatory mask in the regrouping phases. We apply the rules defined by the prefecture of Haute-Savoie.

More info (in French) : https://www.sports.gouv.fr/pratiques-sportives/covid19/Decisions-sanitaires-applicables-au-sport-a-partir-du-06-janvier-2022/article/decisions-sanitaires-applicables-au-sport-a-partir-du-06-janvier-2022

COVID-19 screening

Antigenic test screening centers (nasopharyngeal sample) in Annecy: you can make an appointment online.

HOT SPOT in Talloires and Sevrier (NCY SUP Center)

We have 2 heated places where you can rest or stay waiting for medical assistance one in Talloires on the beach and one 6,5 km from the starting line (middle of the course) at the NCY SUP Center.