GlaGla Race 2023 Interview who is coming ?

An interview of 2 swimming coaches from Poland

Andrzej and Małgorzata
Hi Andrzej and Małgorzata! Who are you and how long have you been training SUP? What do you like about this sport?

Hi, Thank you for inviting us to the interview.
We are Małgorzata Cieplińska, but we call me MC and Andrzej Siewierski.
We are swimming coaches.
We live in Poland, in Gdańsk, a city by the Baltic Sea.
We have been practicing water sports since childhood.
We started competing in SUP competitions in 2015.

What is the situation regarding SUP in Poland? How do you see the future of SUP?

The situation in Poland is dynamic. SUP has become very popular and every year there are more and more people who want to practice this sport.
In 2022, the ICF SUP World Championships were held in Poland.

The GlaGla race is a SUP race held in the middle of winter in the Alps on a very cold lake. Don’t you think that’s a strange idea?

We think it’s a very good idea.
Winter is not a reason to hide the board in the basement.
Events like this are very motivating.

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