GlaGla Race interview with Ludovic Teulade who participated for the first time in 2015!

Hi Ludo! Another new season coming to an end! How was 2022? 

Hello ! Yes 2022 has been a great year! Both at the sporting level with great results on various and super cool events and on other projects such as the film produced by Oxbow in Polynesia in the first part of the year ! In any case, I’m more motivated than ever to row and I’m looking forward to 2023!

In a month, the GlaGla Race! You have participated in it many times, what memories? What is special about this race?

The GlaGla is really special, already by its position in the calendar, it is THE race that starts the year, and of course at the end of January when you are not supposed to row too much given the temperatures! My first edition was in 2015 and we were in the snow, I was able to see the race grow and today it is a benchmark in our sport! Talloires and Lake Annecy are an incredible spot for rowing and the atmosphere with hundreds of people is truly unique!

You are a coach with “Ludo Teulade SUP Coaching”. What does it consist of? Who is this for?

Yes, it’s been two years since I launched my personalized coaching! This simply consists in helping the rowers by offering them training plans and sessions to be carried out on the water according to their objective. So to progress technically and physically then to have regular advice from me to perform better and be more comfortable in competitions! This is for all rowers who have one or more racing goals during the year! I adapt the training with a personalized follow-up. So whatever the level I adapt for it suits everyone! My website: 

Do you have a preparation program for the GlaGla Race? If yes, how do we register?

Yes, I just finished creating a special Glagla training plan! It’s a 4-week plan for those who want to resume training after Christmas and get in shape on January 21 in Talloires! I adapted it specifically for distance and to progress on the different aspects of SUP racing! It is based on two sessions on the water per week plus one outside for reinforcement. For those who wish, they can also switch to a more personalized offer. The plan is available here: 

I work on the Nolio platform because it brings clarity and optimal monitoring! Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more info! A big thank you to the whole Alpine Lakes Tour team for all these last years and see you at the GlaGla  !

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