Who’s coming ? The polar bear !

1. Hello Christian ! Who are you and how long have you been paddling?

Hello everyone. I’m Christian Andersen. (also known as The Polar Bear). I’m a watersports athlete from Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii) Denmark. I started paddling almost 12 years ago. I got into SUP because of surfing actually, I started surfing at the age of 9 and I was instantly hooked after the first wave I caught. I tried SUP for the first time about a year later and I loved it! The thing I really like about SUP is the fact that you can do it in all conditions, you don’t need wind or waves to do it and that gave me the opportunity to spend a lot more time on the water. I am also a competitive person and I really like SUP racing for that reason. SUP has given me so many awesome opportunities and experiences so far, and I’m looking forward to many more. Even though SUP racing is the main thing I do, I also like to do Wing Foiling, Surfing, and SUP surfing. 

2. How is SUP going in Denmark ?

I would say it’s going great. I think most sports took a dive when covid happened, but I feel like SUP grew a lot after that. I think a lot of people wanted to be more outside after being isolated and SUP is a great way to get out in nature and explore. 

The races in Denmark aren’t quite as big as the ones you have in France, I think GlaGla and the Nautic Paddle in Paris are the two biggest races in the world in terms of participation. We have SUP races in Denmark with 100 to 200 paddlers and it’s been awesome to see the sport growing every year!

3. The GlaGla Race is a SUP Race organized in the middle of winter in the Alps… What a strange idea don’t you think?

Yeah, it’s a bit strange, but I think it’s a super cool idea! This will be my first time doing the GlaGla and I am really excited about it. I have only heard good things about the event and the pictures look really cool! I like the fact that it’s kind of an adventure going up in the Alps in the middle of winter to do a race. It will be something completely different for me, I am used to paddling in the ocean at sea level, so this will be an experience I have never tried before. I am really looking forward to the race and to seeing everyone there, it will be a great way to start off the 2023 season!

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