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interview SUP Club : SUP&GO

Among the new features of the 2024 edition, priority registration and a preferential rate for SUP clubs. We wanted to pay tribute to them for the work accomplished to promote our sport. We start with SUP&GO (Netherlands) Our sup school? Our colour is HOT-PINK, which is what we can be recognised by. Throughout the year, […]

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Opening price period extented until december 5

Registrations are now open 🙂 The opening price period is extended until December 5! (With a free T-shirt until December 17) More info about the GlaGla Race 2024

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15 clubs in Europe already registered ! And Yours ?

We have chosen to reserve a period for registration for the GlaGla Race via the SUP clubs. We wish to support them in their role in promoting the sporting and competitive practice of our sport. This period started on November 4. So far 16 European clubs have responded to our call. And yours ? Registrations […]

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Weather and safety update

The weather conditions today were optimal: bright sunshine, temperature of -7°c in the morning and 2°c in the afternoon, no wind! Unfortunately, the weather forecast announces a risk of fairly strong northerly winds (30 km/h) on Saturday… with cold temperatures and a maximum of 0°c in the afternoon and therefore a very cold feeling in […]

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GlaGla Race 2022 : the big day!

The big day is in a few hours! 8th GlaGla Race from Talloires Lac d’Annecy with 3 races tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m., one at 1:30 p.m. and one at 2:30 p.m. (see the complete program of the GlaGla Race 2022) –> En version française c’est ici Local weather forecast Beautiful day. The sun is […]