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Interview Who’s coming? Natasha Sones from UK

Who’s coming? Natasha Sones

Hi everyone, I’m Natasha and I am 43. I’ve been paddling for about four years but this is my first SUP race. I have paddled mainly in the UK but last summer I paddled solo around the Finnish islands of Helsinki which was amazing. I SUP on both rivers and seas near me, and help to admin a Facebook group for my local river, called the River Deben Paddlers.

How do you see the evolution of the practice of stand up paddle in general and in racing in particular?

SUP is very accessible and easy to get into. With a big range of affordable boards on the market, the sport has become accessible for anyone who lives near water. Inflatable boards also mean you can take them anywhere. There is an increase in spending time around blue spaces, waterscapes, and their
surroundings. Experiencing time spent in one of these blue spaces, especially participating in an activity or hobby, can benefit us. It connects us to nature and a sense of belonging, especially if part of a community such as a SUP group. It is excellent for physical and mental health, skills, and knowledge. It can also increase our spirituality, care ethic, and environmental responsibility. I am particularly keen to encourage women to take up paddlesports, especially in leadership roles.

I don’t have much experience of racing – this will be my first race! I’m nervous to be in a race and in the cold weather so have signed up for the very short distance (3.5km) and my aim is to finish and not fall in. I don’t care what my place is! I’ll also be paddling a SUP I’ve never tried before, although it is a Red Paddle Co one so I feel assured by that as I have two Red boards; the 12′ 6″ Voyager and 11′ Compact, and they are my favourite SUPs ever.

What about the weather?

I am apprehensive about the weather, not knowing what it will be like. I’ve been unable to paddle much due to strong winds here is England. I know the lake temperature is going to be around 4 to 6°C. Whilst I regularly swim in these temperatures as a wild swimmer, I don’t particularly want to have to self rescue in the middle of a race whilst wearing a dry suit. I love snow though so it would be awesome to paddle in that! Strong winds are not so fun.

I’m so excited though. But it will push my boundaries and be an adventure!

__> thanks Natasha Sones ! See you at the GlaGla Race 2023 _ Here is Nastasha’s Blog

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