GlaGla Race 2024 Interview Pro rider

Who’s coming ? Linus Karlsson from Sweden !

1 Hello Linus ! Who are you and how long have you been paddling?

I’m Linus Karlsson 26y/o and living in Sweden. I been paddling since late summer 2019.

2. How is SUP going in Sweden?

The SUP scene in Sweden is definitely on the way up and the reason to that is the great work by the canoe federation & some active clubs!

3. The GlaGla Race is a SUP Race organized in the middle of winter in the Alps… What a strange idea don’t you think?

As you know I’m from Sweden so I’m definitely used to train in snowy and cold weather. So when there is a race in my natural habitat I just have to be there! 

So not a strange idea at all, I would say it’s a great idea!

Thanks Linus and see you at the GlaGla Race !

–> interview of Linus Karlsson on TotalSUP

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