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Who is coming ? Anna Tschirky

We continue our “who is coming to the GlaGla Race” short interviews with Anna Tschirky from Switzerland.

Question 1 : Who are you Anna ? When (and why) did you start stand up paddling ?

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I’m an 18 years old sports lover from Switzerland.
My love for stand up paddling started right on my 12th birthday during my first sup lesson. I wanted to try it because I was curious about this new sport and immediately fell in love with it! I eventually signed up for my fist race and continued since then. So far I have not been bored… There’s always something to learn and improve on!

Question 2: It’s your second GlaGla Race, right ? What do you think about this winter SUP Race ?

Exactly, it is going to be my second GlaGla and I’m excited for it! 
You don’t get to paddle with over 400 mind-liked people in the middle of winter in the French Alps everyday!
Last time it felt really special and the atmosphere was amazing! 
I usually paddle less in the winter so the GlaGla is a good reason to switch my xc-skis for my Fanatic Strike and prepare the upcoming season. Also, I finally get to see all my friends again after a long time!

Question 3 : How to do you train and what equipment do you wear when it’s very cold ?

If it’s very cold I usually wear my drysuit and always neoprene socks + shoes. Sometimes I also only wear neoprene pants because it can get quite warm in a drysuit when you train hard. Of course I never go on the water without my Restube PFD and a leash! Because I take cold water swims in the lakes I have an idea about how cold the water usually is.
I also enjoy doing different sports like xc-skiing, strength training or running to keep fit during the cold winter months.

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