Interview Pro rider who is coming ?

Who is coming ? Bruno Hasulyo

Bruno Hasulyo

Question 1 : Bruno how long have been « SUPIng » ? What do you like about this sport ?
I started my professional SUP career approximately 7 years ago, but sport has always been a big part of my life. Windsurfing, snowboard… basically any extreme sport out in nature.

SUP is a beautiful sport/activity and that’s why I love it.
For me it is a profession and a lifestyle, but for others is an amazing outdoor activity that connects nature.
The best part of SUP is the freedom !

Question 2 :  you are coming to the GlaGla Race for the first time. What do you except from this race ?

Yes, it will be my first GlaGla race =) I’m looking forward to a nice cold and exciting race ! I believe it will be an amazing weekend with a great Sport enthusiast.
 …and my personal expectation from the race? Is to WIN !
Question 3 : how do you train when it’s cold ? What advice would you give to somebody not used to cold weather conditions ?
Paddling or training in cold weather is always challenging. The main question that you have to ask yourself when going on the water is: Will I fall in the water? If the answer is yes, I would most likely suggest a dry suit or a nice wetsuit.
But if you are not planning to fall into the water ( my plan) I usually recommend thermal clothing. ( winter running clothes or similar)
More layers are also a good idea but remember if you fall with technical winter sportswear, you will be extremely cold.  So the main question before lining up to an event like GlaGla, you should ask yourself is:  Do you want to have a nice warm time or you want to perform to your maximum.  If it’s for fun and for the experience, wear something warm and waterproof. If you are going for performance racing, go minimalistic and thermal clothing.
And always wear neoprene or waterproof shoes !

Thanks Bruno and see you soon in Talloires !

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