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Who is coming ? Göran from Sweden !

We continue with our “who is coming” series. Today we are with Göran Gustavsson from Sweden !

Question #1 : Who are you Goran. How long have you been paddling on a SUP ?

Godmorning Hope you’re all well Anette and the clock Laurus is going ahead and I really looking forward to see you in couple weeks

Question #1 : Who are you Goran. How long have you been paddling on a SUP ?
I’ve been paddling  a stand up paddle board for approximately 10 years now.

Question #2 : You are coming back to the GlaGla Race. What do like about this event ?

Well, I am looking forward to coming back to do a live race and especially the GlaGla Race because it’s a special event is in the middle of the winter and it is really well organised here.

There’s a lot of people from all over Europe to see and meet again and it’s such fun because with all the years I’ve been there, I have paddled in the race on Saturday and I go skiing on a Sunday and Monday. To paddle on the lake with the approximately 400 to 600 people all around you is a special thing as well.

Question #3 : How do you train , what do you wear when it’s cold ?

I train and  paddle on the lakes, on the sea and the rivers in Sweden all year around.

I do swimming, long distance walks and in the winter I do cross country skiing. Normally I use the same clothes as I use when I do cross country skiing or running, and sometimes I put a dry suit on when the water is cold and if I paddle by myself  I will always  put use  PFD or lifejacket on as well.

Question #4 : You are a Red Paddle addict. What do you like about this brand ? Which Red Paddle Board are you going to use for the GlaGla race ?

What  the best thing  with the Red Paddle Co brand is that they’ve been around for over 10 years now and they always try to improve and innovate the standard and the quality of the board every year. What I like about using  inflatable boards is  that you can always bring it with you on a flight or in the car or however you travel. When I come down to the global races I  always paddle the 12’6 Elite and that’s what I’m going to paddle  this year as well….it’s one of  the fastest inflatable race boards around!

Thanks Göran and see you soon at the GlaGla Race !

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