Interview News who is coming ?

Who is coming ? Alexander Mikhailov from Ukraine

Hello Alex ! Who are you ? How long have you been stand up paddling ?

Aloha Benoit! I am stand up paddle maniac if I can describe in short my attitude to SUP and the influence this sport has become for my life:) In fact I was one of the first SUP-racers in Ukraine and with a group of enthusiasts we decided to develop this sport from scratches to make it officially recognised in Ukraine and on international level as well. I have been paddling in stand up since year 2015, before this I had experience in other sports but SUP and surfing culture became my major passion and lifestyle activity for now. 

How is SUP going in Ukraine ?

5 years ago we started to build this sport from the very beginning when nobody heard about SUP and it has been done a lot of things in SUP sport development in Ukraine. We established dedicated organization for this sport – UFSS (Ukrainian Federation of SUP&Surfung) and conducted several national Cups and Championships under its aegis, some events were even part of Paddle League Series. Now UFSS is recognised partner of ICF in Ukraine, supports SUP schools and promotes local athletes. Due to its efforts Ukrainian SUP team took 3rd place in overall team competition in ICF SUP World Championships in Hungary on Balaton lake. I would say we have done a lot of things and now Ukraine is noticeable member in SUP world community!

What do you like about the GlaGla Race ? Are you ready ?

Well Glagla is the special place for me, in fact international competitions for Ukraine started from Glagla and back in 2018 me and my teammate we were the first athletes who took part in the SUP event of international scale. So Glagla was the starting point for international advancement for Ukrainian SUP-sport. For me it is magical place every time calling me back to the lake and mountains! Frankly speaking I am far from my best shape but I will try to finish in headstand style as in my first Glagla:) I am glad to return here again to see friends from community, to share Aloha spirit with them and to get the energy from marvellous sights of Annecy! See you soon, let’s get ready for a big paddle

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