Who is coming ? Max !

New GlaGla Race, new “mini-interviews” “who is coming ?”

We start with Max, who just registered for the new 10 km Junior Race.

Check the presentation of this 10 km race for juniors (14-17 years old)

Hello Max !

  1. Who are you ? How long have you been paddling and what do you like about SUP ?

Hi Benoit, I am Maximus Sijrier from the Netherlands and I love stand up paddle.
Started sup in 2017 and since then did lots of races and this Summer I was the youngest (13years old)  ever to do the 11city suptour.
I love Sup because i like racing and spending time on and around the water!

  1. You just registered for the GlaGla Race, you will participate in the Junior Race (10 km). What do you like about the GlaGla Race ? What are you expecting from this new Junior Race ?
    Last year my scedule was mainly focused on the 11city so I could not compete in much other races because that would interfere with my training. 2023 is all about doing as much cool races as possible and The Gla Gla is definitely on that list, everybody I spoke to that already did this race says it’s super cool in the mountains and the vibe is great to! So what a cool race to start the season with! 
    Specifically now that there is a good juniors race!!

More info about the junior race

3. How do you train in winter ? Any advice for people not used to paddle when it’s cold ?

I train 3 days on land and 3 days on the water as long as it’s liquid,in Holland when it freezes our canals go solid…and that’s bad for paddling. When it’s cold it’s important that you have the right gear I always wear pdf neoprene clothing and never go alone or let people know where and when you go!!

See you all in Annecy!!

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