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GlaGla Race 2022 begins! Program, practical information and safety issues!

GlaGla Race 2022 starts tomorrow (friday 21st) with the opening at 11:00 a.m. of the 8th GlaGla Race!

Despite a difficult context, the GlaGla Race broke a record for the total number of entries by exceeding the 700 mark for the first time.

Due to the recent outbreak of contamination and travel constraints, there will be some absentees… It’s only a postponement, the GlaGla Race 2023 is already scheduled for January 20 to 22!

Forecast weather conditions for January 21 and 22

Fair weather announced quite cold. The north wind will be present on Friday (but the bay of Talloires is well sheltered). On the other hand, on the Grand Lac, it is likely to be very agitated.

For the races on Saturday, the models diverge, some announcing a still sensitive north wind, others not. We will keep you informed of developments. If the conditions are too difficult on Saturday, the course of the long run could be modified.

It is advisable to equip yourself warmly: jumpsuit, thick slippers, gloves and hat. If you are registered for the long distance and wish to switch to the short it is possible, you must report it when collecting the bibs.
Access, bib collection and equipment drop-off

Due to COVID restrictions, access to the Savoyarde building is restricted to volunteers and the press only.


The withdrawal of bibs will take place under the main marquee on the beach. You will need to present your health pass, your registration ticket, an identity document, and a euro to collect your deposit cup. This cup is to be used for refueling and food trucks. You can return it and get your €1 back at the end of the day. The identity document will be kept until you return the bib. You can also buy your bib, which will allow you to benefit from a reduction of 2€ on each race of the Alpine Lakes Tour where you bring it.

You can drop off your stand up paddle on Friday in the area provided for this purpose. The beach will be guarded at night from Friday to Saturday. An unloading area in the car park just above the beach will be materialized by barriers. Thank you for staying there just long enough for drop-off. Free parking is available in the village. You must not enter the beach or the access path to the nautical base with your vehicle.

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