Interview who is coming ?

Who is coming ? Laura Quetglas !

Who are you Laura ? How long have you been paddling on a SUP ? What do you like about this sport ?

I am Laura Quetglas and I have been rowing since 2012, with this we opened the Marbalsup company and with this the Port Adriano team was created, with which we have been working with children and adults for 9 years.What I like the most about this sport is the opportunity it gives us to travel to incredible places, row in beautiful places and meet people from all over the world who enjoy stand up paddle with the same.

It’s your first GlaGla Race. What makes you want to paddle in the middle of winter on a near frozen lake in the Alps ?

It’s my first time in the Glagla Race, I’m going with some guys from the club and we really want to row in such a nice and cold place !

What board are you going to use and why ?
I am going to use the NSP Table ninja 14x 20

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