Interview who is coming ?

Interview Vincenzo Michelucci

We are now 45 days before the GlaGla Race and now start to talk about our guests ! We start with Vincenzo Michelucci who is coming to the GlaGla Race for the first time. He is from Sicilia ! Thanks Vincenzo Michelucci ! See you soon !

Who are you Vincenzo ? How long have been paddleboarding?

I’m Vincenzo Michelucci, I’m 28 years old, Sicilian and always passionate about outdoor sports, however I discovered the sea and water sports few years ago. I’ve been going stand up paddle boarding since 2014 more or less. I begun to take part to competitions and training relatively recently, about 3 years. On June 13th I set the sea crossing record from Ustica to Mondello, crossing 58km of open sea between the two islands ( ).

It was an experience made me a better person and opened my eyes to what I want to do in the next few years: paddling!

It’s your first GlaGla Race, why did you register? What do you expect?

It’s from the first year I started racing that I heard about the GlaGla Race, I love the mountains and alpine environments, and I was hoping to participate two years ago but unfortunately the pandemic situation didn’t allow me to do that. So this year I have decided not to miss this opportunity! Together with a group of Sicilians we will come to warm up the lake a bit, haha. I expect to have fun and meet many paddlers from all Europe, can’t wait! I tried to get used to the cold by taking part in the Winter Cup organized by FISW Surfing, but the first race took place in Sicily and the lowest temperature was around around 15 degrees. I think there will be fun at the GlaGla Race!

How are you preparing? What kind of equipment do you have for the GlaGla Race?

I’m training as I usually do. Regarding the equipment, I had to ask one of my sponsors (NeilPryde) for a pair of gloves and boots, it will be the first time in my life that I will use something like that. I was hoping to already have my Sunova FlatWater, but unfortunately it won’t have arrived in time, so the board I will compete with is still an unknown factor.

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