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Who is coming ? Karolina Jakubowska from Poland

We continue with our “who is coming” series with Karolina Jakubowska from Poland

Hello Karolina ! Who are you ? How long have you been paddling on a SUP ?

I’m an English teacher. I’ve been paddleboarding for 3 years. Two years ago I took part in a first competition. Without a significant achievements but with a great pleasure 🙂

How is SUP going in Poland ? What are the best spots to practice ?
For the last three years SUP became really popular  in Poland not only as a recreational activity but also as a sport. I train in the Warsaw SUP Training Center. 
There are many good spots to practice like Mazury Lake District or Baltic Seaside. 
In September 2022 SUP World Championships will be held in Gdynia, Poland. I’m honored to be in the organizing comittee.

It’s your first GlaGla Race, what do you expect from this race ?
It’s my first start in Glagla Race and I hope to enjoy it. I paddle for health and fun. I’m not a proffesional paddler.

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